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IDEO: Design Mimicing the Sun

Studio: Prof. Periera's Design

Length: 5 Weeks

When: Fall 2011

IDEO is an Industrial Design firm based in Boston, MA. The purpose of this design is to have the design process follow the path of the sun through the sky. While using height as a hierarchical factor, each different part of the process takes on their own characteristics, ranging from when natural light would be penetrating it, to structure and the geometries of the actual spaces. I discovered that the most important part of the process to IDEO is the prototyping space, with the brainstorming space being a close second. The shape of the creative ideation (brainstorming) space should be as creatively stimulating as possible, so the geometries that dominate the other parts of the buildings must be ignored. The large corkboard in this space is elevated to make it the most important part of the creative ideation space, and to provide the biggest cork area as possible because of Industrial Designers reliance on it. In addition to make it viewable from either floor in the creative space, as long as brief glimpses from the lobby area or the outside recess.


The small courtyard in between the stairs up to the prototyping space and the creative ideation space provides a quick way for a designer to get to the prototyping space. It also allows clients to get a glimpse of the creative ideation space and corkboard while on their way to the more rigid presentation spaces. The segregation between the different spaces is solidified through the structural system. The more rigid presentation space is supported by more standard structural bearing concrete walls, which is used more often in office buildings. The creative ideation space is utilizing a steel structural system with curtain walls, which gives more freedom to the irregularity of the space. This subtle difference in structure is enough to passively remind a visitor who may wander into a more private area that he/she may not belong, along with creating thresholds to establish the different areas.

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