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RaDD San Diego


RaDD is a multi-use 2 million square foot shell/core development in San Diego, California. Compromising of 6 separate buildings, spread across 4 city blocks right along the San Diego harbor. Included in the project is developing 3 public ways, and a parking lot that spans across the entire development underneath. The parking level is 2 floors on half the development, and 3 on the other half.


I am part of team 1, where we focus on the at-grade scope, and the parking underneath in the design phase. Including coordination with the traditional engineering consultants as part of each building block, in addition to close coordination with civil, utilities, and the parking consultant. As the project progressed, we also took on the permitting and point CA for the general contractor.


Team 1 is separate from each block team, so we can focus on the Construction Administration, Fast-Paced Permitting Process, as well as governing documentation and technical consistency. Construction Administration includes supporting the general contractor while they drive piles, and organize releases of block drawings in time for construction coordination, focusing on the sub-grade levels. Because of the construction speed, we have to organize the permitting as separate foundation, frame, and balance of work permits, for each of the 6 building blocks. Governing the documentation and technical consistency including aiding high-level decision making, then rolling out that direction to each block team, as well as ensuring the revit process is as consistent as possible.

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