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Concert Hall

Studio: Prof. Kim's Tectonics

Length: 5 Weeks

When: Fall 2011


For this concert hall a major goal is to create a building that is a journey or procession, with the finale being the skyline of Boston, MA. Using the ideas of ascension and progression to control the circulation of my building. Manipulating the site is such a way to give an onlooker from underneath a view into the concert hall, creates two interacting spaces, and a secondary circulation path. As Michelangelo said “you experience a building one moment at a time” this is very important in this design, focusing on the experience. Another major part of my design is the skin that wraps the building, made out of wood similar to the harbor walk that is on the site, creates a perpetual concealing and revealing experience for the patrons and passersby of the building. While keeping the concert hall acoustically tuned, the entire building provokes experiences past simple observation.

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