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CitizenM @ Hub on Causeway

Fall 2019

The citizenM project @ the Hub on Causeway began construction shortly after the podium in 2018. Being a 272 key full-build out hotel, it provided many new construction administration challenges that I had the opportunity to learn from, being the point person.


The citizenM brand is beholden to its room design, and was providing the millwork, from an EU manufacturer, for the room fit out to the contractor directly, which creates some complications for coordination and construction. While the rooms are standard, the sky lobby, living room space on the 4th level, and the ground level space are both highly customized. With documentation done a year before construction began, there were many changes and updates to these spaces as the brand evolved through the rollout in the US

The client is very involved in the construction process, delivering furniture, installing IT infrasture, and the aforementioned millwork. With a heightened schedule, and complicated podium coordination. It dictated all three major players in construction (Owner, Architect, Contractor) to work very closely as a team, and the only way to open the hotel on time.

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