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CitizenM Rollout

Fall 2019

The CitizenM hotel at the Hub on Causeway is only the first hotel that Gensler and CitizenM partnered to develop. As construction in Boston began in earnest, the design and documentations for projects around the county came quickly. 

As I was the Construction Administration point person in Boston, I was able to grow on the way we documented each project, seeing first hand what was missing in the documents and less successful, and helping to educate other teams around the country.

The fascinating part of the rollout is that citizenM prefer to building with volumetric modular construction, and site built prefabricated millwork is the backup. The documentation process needs to be flexible enough to support both Volumetric and Standard Construction, with separate detailing and methodologies.

Additionally, being the main BIM point person for citizenM and the entire Hub on Causeway, I was uniquely positioned to work with the citizenM BIM team from europe, and each hotel team in their respective city, to standardize the Revit workflow.

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